Why Shapes

Shapes Fitness For Women is the premier women’s only fitness center devoted completely to the needs of women. We were founded on the idea that women want to exercise in facilities that were tailored to their needs. Our franchisees and staff are comprised of caring experts who are highly motivated to help our members get the results they want and achieve a higher level of overall wellness.

Fitness is a $19 billion industry and part of the $81 billion health industry. Women account for 52 percent of club users, so you can be assured that the women-only centers are very profitable. Shapes offers something that larger or multi-purpose facilities cannot offer—a place for women to exercise in an environment that provides both privacy and comfort. Shapes is a place where they can develop friendships, bonds and relationships with other women who share the same goals. It has been proven that a large percentage of women prefer training in the safety and comfort of a women’s only environment.

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