Our Model

The Fitness Industry

Shapes Fitness ModelFitness is a $19 billion industry. Women account for 52 percent of club users, we can assure you that the women-only centers are very profitable. Shapes offers something that larger or multi-purpose facilities cannot. We can offer—a place for women to exercise in an environment that provides both privacy and comfort. Shapes is a place where they can develop friendships, bonds and relationships with other women who share the same goals. A large percentage of women prefer training in the safety and comfort of a women’s only environment.

What makes Shapes unique is that our model has incorporated a center that provides a full line of equipment and programming into an environment that has a boutique feel. Boutique studios focus on group or specialize in one or two fitness areas. However, Shapes has a full line of selectorized equipment, 30-40 group training classes each week, small group training, personal training and free weight areas.

One constant has remained through nearly 43 years—Americans typically exercise against their own will. Many women are just not comfortable working out with men. Therefore, this becomes the primary reason why women don’t join a health club/fitness center. Shapes has built a system that is laser focused on the needs of women. Shapes provides a place where they can feel comfortable and safe. The goal of every fitness center is to help members get results. We know very well that if they are not comfortable in the center, they will not come. If they don’t come, they lose interest and do not get the results that they had originally wanted. Our focus is our clients’ personal goals. Our mission is to provide our clients with both personalized and customized training programs that change their daily routines. Put simply, our staff helps them make improved lifestyle choices.