Our History

The fitness industry has experienced many ups and downs over the past three decades—and Shapes has operated in both a down and surging economy. The founder of Shapes, Vince Julien, has been in the fitness industry for most of his adult life and was the first to recognize that the women’s only fitness market was underserved. Opening his first location in1986, Shapes quickly became the go-to fitness center for women who wanted to exercise in a facility devoted to their unique needs. Shapes facilities have always been state-of-the-art, providing members the best in the industry in terms of equipment, personal training, group fitness classes and small group training.

The original Shapes locations were much larger than today’s new look model. Our boutique style has allowed us to really focus on the member’s experience. Shapes have built a system that is laser-focused on the needs of women and provides a place where they can feel comfortable and safe. The goal of every fitness center is to help members get results—and we know very well that if they are not comfortable in the center, they will not come. If they don’t come, they lose interest and do not get the results that they had originally wanted.

We are passionate about helping women. We hope you are too.